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Cat & pet litter

The product is made from natural raw materials, without any chemical additives. Favourable for animals and environmentally friendly.


100% biodegradable, can be used as compost product left after processing flax.


The product is made from natural raw materials, without any chemical additives. Favorable for animals. Reduces the risks of allergic pet diseases.

Highly absorbent

Litter ideally absorbed liquids. Shows high absorbency qualities. Can absorb up to 400% of its own weight.

Dust free

During the manufacturing process it is screened several times. Does not dust, does not stick to the pets feet and does not spread around the housing.

Odour control

Cellulose fibers that flax consist of did a great job capturing and blocking unpleasant odors. Has a natural grassy smell.


Universal in use for any type of pets and very easy to recycle. Recommended to be disposed of according to local regulations. Soiled litter can be disposed of in the toilet with enough water.

How to use

Fill the litter box with litter

Fill the tray with cat litter, preferably 3 cm. When using a tray with a grid, it is enough for cat litter to be up to a layer of 1-2 cm.

Remove feces daily

Remove solid faeces with a scoop as they appear.

Shake litter from time to time

From time to time shake the tray in order to move consumed cat litter to the bottom of the tray.

Flush down the toilet if needed

Consumed cat litter can be flushed down the toilet in small portions with a sufficient amount of water, according to local disposal regulations, or disposed of with household waste.

Refill the tray with a new portion of litter

If necessary, add the optimal amount of new granules. For the best hygiene of your pet, it is recommended to wash the tray after each complete change of cat litter once every 5-7 days.

Fill the litter box with litter

What people say about this product

"ZUZLittert is the only cat litter we use! It has amazing clumpability, low dust and requires less product, since the clumping is superior."


"We recently moved to a home on an individual country septic system and we recently had a pump out. I showed the worker this product and he confirmed it was safe to flush in our country septic!"


"We have an asthmatic cat, so I have tried MANY cat litters in an effort to find one that is truly dust free - ZUZLitter."


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