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Litterbox Offers

Litterbox Offers From Well-Known Manufacturers

Litterbox Specifics and Types

Description: Litterbox offers for pets of various ages, sex, breed, temper. Specifics of options available on the market

Buying a litterbox is an important step in creating comfortable conditions for joint residence of people and cats. Pet stores display a wide product range. Litterbox offers include litterboxes of variety of types, sizes, designs, functionalities. It will not be difficult to choose an option suitable for pet age, size, owner’s and user’s preferences. In order to quickly find a litterbox that the pet would like and that would not put owners to trouble, you will need to know specifics of litterboxes offered.

Popular Offers

Litterboxes differ in size, depth, form, functionality, and price. There are disposable, without litter, automatic, dischargeable etc. The more sophisticated design and simpler maintenance of a litterbox, the higher is its price.

Common recommendations:

  1. For a kitten. It would be best to use a plastic litterbox. Its sides must not be high, and depth sufficient to provide for digging in litter.
  2. For adult pets. It is advisable to choose a spacious litterbox. Its dimensions should be selected to fit the pet size. As adult male and female cats are used to dig actively in litter, it would be better to select a deep type with high sides or a closed type if possible.

Maintenance Specifics

To collect waste, you may use different litter, film, mesh. For example, plastic litterboxes with removable sides can be used both with litter and film. A litterbox with film requires constant attention. After each use of the litterbox, it will be required to throw away waste and install a new film. Litterboxes with mesh will also need regular and thorough cleaning, as they cannot suppress odours. Waste will penetrate the mesh and accumulate at the bottom of the litterbox. Upon using, everything must be washed thoroughly.

Closed Litterboxes

Closed-type litterboxes are easier to maintain as compared to other options. They are equipped with doors, pullout litterboxes, automated cleaning system. Closed-type designs suppress odours perfectly and hold litter within the litterbox. A pet will not miss such litterbox.