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Best Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Criteria for Good Absorbing Cat Litter

Some cat breeds are dead set against the clumping cat litter. In this article, we’ll discuss the best non-clumping cat litter.

The absorbing cat litter market displays a wide assortment targeted at preferences of any pets and their owners. You will need to consider certain features and know your pet well.

Absorbing cat litter should be right along divided into the following price categories:

They are worlds apart from each other as per features and prices. But the thing is that with both cat litter types the price neutralizes drawbacks.

Woody type:

Silica gel type:

Choosing the absorbing cat litter type totally depends on the pet and its owner. Some people are ready to save and buy the woody type, while having free time to clean it out; and some people have sufficient funds to buy the silica gel cat litter and not to worry over their pet.

Accordingly, the best absorbing cat litter among silica gel types will be the one falling within the average price range; at that, it suppresses odours and is not toxic.

In its turn, among woody types such will be the cat litter that would not swell much or get rotten, being relatively cost-effective and would hide odours partially.

Based on such criteria, you can choose the inexpensive non-clumping cat litter, both among silica gel and woody types, being ideal for yourself and your pet. On the other hand, the type will depend on the owner being busy, their income, and their pet’s preferences. This set of criteria will allow for selecting the best absorbing cat litter.