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Cat Litter Types

What Cat Litter Types Exist

Now we’ll discuss currently existing cat litter types, their advantages and drawbacks.

Cat litter can be divided into several categories:

With regard to comfort, the clumping type has a significant advantage, as its clumps make it easier to clean after the pet. But the absorbing type has the best of a bargain price. 5–liter clumping cat litter may be expended in as little as one week, provided that the pet does its business often.

You will have to take into account the cat litter granule material as well:

Thus, it is obvious that silica gel is the best cat litter type. It is convenient in all aspects and, unlike absorbing cat litter made of natural materials, it has the best quality-to-price ratio. But it is not suitable for tiny kittens, as woody cat litter should be used for them to get used to the litterbox.