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Cats Best Litterbox

For a cat, the best litterbox will be a comfortable, safe place

Looking for Best Litterbox

Description: How do you find the best litterbox for a cat? Define design parameters, location of a litterbox based on the pet behavior pattern and preferences.

For a cat, the best litterbox will be any place in a flat, in a house, outside, suitable for doing business safely. A pet will find a convenient place fast if the owner is slow in deciding on one. Because cats prefer using the chosen place or places continuously, then it will be in the owner’s interests to quickly buy and install a suitable litterbox. It will be more problematic to make the pet lose a liking for using unacceptable places for waste, then to get the kitten used to the litterbox.

Available Options

Litterboxes differ in size, shape, method of waste collection and utilization, design. The majority of models consist of a tray for waste collection and additional elements that would make it easier to maintain a litterbox. Let’s review pluses and minuses of popular litterboxes.

Litterbox with Grid

It is not expensive, does not require buying any litter. The litterbox may be used both with or without litter. In any case, you will have to wash grid after each use. An advantage of applying a grid consists in absence of cat’s contact with litter. It will not be able to dig into it and scatter around litterbox.

Litterbox with Removable Sides

Removable sides allow putting film at the bottom in order to exclude waste contact with the box surface. The litterbox may be used both with or without litter. Availability of film under litter will simplify maintenance. The owner will not have to wash tray or remove any stuck fractions. It is easy to remove the used material with the film.

Litterbox with Cleaning System

Such litterboxes can suppress odours and simplify the pet care significantly. The built-in cleaning system operates 24/7. The litterbox is treated automatically from time to time. Waste is placed in a special container which is easy removable and washable. You can use special bags in order not to wash the container.

The choice to a great extent depends on the owner’s financial resources, free time, odour sensibility. Present-day expensive models are more convenient for use. You will have to take care of cheap litterboxes continuously; otherwise, it will be impossible to avoid odours.