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Litterbox For Kittens

How Do You Choose Litterbox For Kittens?

Litterboxes For Kittens

Description: What is the best litterbox for kittens? Recommendations on choosing a suitable litterbox for a kitten that needs to get used to litterbox.

Pet products manufacturers produce various models for adult cats and specifically for kittens. If you are not willing to choose a litterbox for kittens on you own, use the advisor services. They will help choose an optimum option. The main thing here will be to choose a litterbox which the kitten will like. If the first attempt has failed, try another model. You should select a litterbox by size, shape, side height, manufacturing material, functionality, outer appearance. The more parameters are taken into account, the greater chances to find what is needed for your pet.

Selection Process Specifics

Litterboxes of various designs available in stores have their specifics, drawbacks and advantages. Practically any marketed options may suit a kitten. All depends on the pet temper, its behavior pattern, preferences.

Litterbox Types:

  1. Regular plastic litterboxes for litter
  2. Litterboxes with grid without litter
  3. Disposable litterboxes
  4. Designs with high sides
  5. Ventilated models
  6. Litterboxes with automatic cleaning system
  7. Closed-type litterboxes
  8. Litterboxes without litter


It is not necessary to acquire right away an expensive closed-type model with filtering system and other state-of-the-art elements. Absence of specific odour, unnatural sounds in the process of chemical reactions may frighten away the kitten. The kitten may perceive a closed-type litterbox in the form of the house as a spot for rest, but not for defecation.

Initially, it would be better to buy inexpensive plastic small-size litterbox. Choose among models with removable sides. Further, sides can be replaced with higher ones to exclude scattering litter outside the litterbox. With the help of removable sides you may fasten the film which is put at the bottom under litter. In such case, you will not have to wash the tray upon litter replacement. For active kittens preferring to dig into litter, buy a litterbox with curved-in sides. You can buy disposable models of similar shape and colour so that the kitten will not have to get used to specifics of a new design.