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Litterbox For Pregnant Cats

Choosing Litterbox For Pregnant Cats

Specifics of Litterbox For Pregnant Cats

Description: It is not difficult to choose a litterbox for pregnant cats if you know behaviour pattern of pets during such periods. How do you choose and maintain a litterbox?

Pregnant cats often visit litterbox due to periodic pressure onto organs by kittens growing inside. You should take this feature into account when choosing a litterbox. Litterbox for pregnant cats may be any of those represented on the market. The main thing here will be selecting proper litter and monitoring its condition. If you already have a litterbox your cat is used to, then there is no need to change it because of pregnancy. It will be required to buy a new one when any problems arise with the cat when it visits the already available litterbox.

Choosing New litterbox for Pregnant Cat

Pet product manufacturers offer a wide choice of standard and non-standard models. You can choose the products to fit exactly the cat’s parameters and its needs.

Popular Options:

  1. Whole-piece plastic box with low sides. Ideal for kittens and pregnant cats. Low sides and space unrestricted with additional elements will not cause any problems at visiting litterbox.
  2. Litterbox without any litter. It’s better if you don’t buy litterboxes with mesh or film. They require cleaning after each visit. As a pregnant cat visits litterbox often, regular cleaning will become a problem.
  3. Closed-type litterboxes. Such litterboxes have an entry of certain size. A cat must pass freely through it. Inner space must be sufficient for free movement of the pet increased in size.

Selection Criteria

Litterboxes should be selected with regard to many factors, the main being comfort for user. If a cat feels uncomfortable when visiting the litterbox prepared for it, then the owner will be the one who suffers the most. The pet will always find another place for regular defecation and urination, which is unlikely to be well received by other residents. If any problems arise with choices, consult the store advisors. They will assist in selecting a litterbox for your pregnant cat, save you the trouble of difficult decision-making. In order to increase chances, you may acquire several litterboxes of various types at once. The cat will choose the optimum option on its own.