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Various Litterbox Types

What Litterbox Types Are Available

As of the moment, there exist various types of litterboxes. They have different shapes, sizes, and one should select them based on own preferences.

Litterboxes with grids. Can be used with cat litter but are usually used without it. Require frequent cleaning or well-absorbing cat litter.

As a rule, such litterboxes are applied only for kittens to get them used to the litterbox. They are very cheap, have low sides; thus, being convenient for them. If no alternative exists, and you will have to buy a litterbox with grid, then you must be ready for frequent cleanups; otherwise, you will not be able to avoid unpleasant odours.

For cat litter, it is better to use deep litterboxes. A grid must be present if the cat litter is clumping; then it will be convenient to clean after the pet. If there is no grid, then you can use an absorbing one as well, as the cleaning does not require much time and effort; it will be sufficient to have a plastic scoop.

There are deep litterboxes with special rubber top and a bag; rubber top is placed on sides, while fastening the bag where the cat litter is to be placed; it will facilitate cleaning considerably, as throwing away the bag with the used litter will be enough. Such high sides will prevent the cat litter from scattering around.

Litterbox houses are totally closed litterboxes, which have a special filter. A high-maintenance item, as the filter itself costs on average as a regular litterbox; at that, you will need to spend money on cat litter. Besides, they are huge and occupy much space.

But there is one advantage that overrides all drawbacks: such litterbox is ideal for cats who like digging in the litter, and scatter it. A litterbox with deep bottom will not always help get rid of the litter scattering, but such litterbox house will do it.

There also exist automatic litterboxes with a special sensor that would record presence or absence of the pet inside; it cleans out after the pet on its own, but is very sensitive in operation and pricey.

There are various types of litterboxes; they are shaped for any pet breed and represent a comfortable solution for owners. You should choose based on own preferences with regard to the pet’s ones. Only by adhering to such principle, you will be able to find an ideal litterbox option, even with price taken into account.